Legendary already since 1928

The boatyard was already manufacturing fast and streamlined “smuggler’s boats” at the time it was founded. In the 1930s, however, the boatyard mainly manufactured Hai (“Shark”) boats, known as racing boats. The last batches of these 127 boats were taken to the United States. In the 1950s and 1960s, nearly 200 motorboats were delivered there. One of the most successful products of the time were the Heinlahti motor boats, which were manufactured until the end of the 1960s.


The boatyard’s know-how in fast and seaworthy boats led to the creation of the legendary Tiiskeri in 1970. The quality and reliability of the boat is evident from the fact that various government institutions, incl. the police, customs authorities and border guards have acquired dozens of Tiiskeri boats over the years. The Tiiskeri boats were originally made from mahogany, but later, fibreglass was used. However, the boatyard is particularly proud of its own timber know-how, and that is why mahogany remains as an interior design material in its own right even in contemporary Tiiskeri boats. Each and every boat is always custom-made.

The "grand old man"

Heinlahden Veistämö was founded in 1928 by Erik Anton Kiiski, who was the head of the company until 1946, when the future ”grand old man” of boat builders, Jaakko Kiiski, took the helm and continued in the footsteps of his late father as the head of the company right up to the 21st Century. Jaakko Kiiski was very fond of fast motor boats; he even had a racing career with them, and he won several races. His experience, vision and passion for fast boats were the perfect preconditions for successful boatbuilding, and the honourable family business is currently being steered by the fourth generation already.